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How long do we get to use the schooling course for?

Schooling sessions are booked in 1 hour windows, however we appreciate that you may need more time.  Take the amount of time you need.

Bookings are limited to 8 horses per hour.

Please be considerate of other riders at busy times.


Is the cost per horse or per hour?

Schooling is charged at £31 per horse.


How do I book multiple horses?

If you would like to bring multiple horses, this can be done in a number of ways:

1) If you intend on having a number of horses on the course at the same time or riding 2/3 horses within the same 1 hour window – select the relevant number of ‘participants’ on the 1st page.

2) If you are spreading horses over multiple time slots, add 1 horse at a time and instead of clicking ‘Book Now’, click ‘Add More Bookings’ and repeat the process.

At the moment mixing methods 1 and 2 doesn’t work – however we are looking at a way around this.

Please be aware that bookings are limited to 8 horses per hour.



Book Now to reserve your space on the Attington All-Weather Cross Country Course

For booking queries, changes or cancellations please email