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How long do we get to use the schooling course for?

Schooling sessions are booked in 1 hour windows, however we appreciate that you may need more time.  Take the amount of time you need.

Bookings are limited to 10 horses per hour.

Please be considerate of other riders at busy times.


Is the cost per horse or per hour?

Schooling is charged at £31 per horse.


How do I book multiple horses?

If you would like to bring multiple horses, this can be done in a number of ways:

1) If you intend on having a number of horses on the course at the same time or riding 2/3 horses within the same 1 hour window – select the relevant number of ‘participants’ on the 1st page.

2) If you are spreading horses over multiple time slots, add 1 horse at a time and instead of clicking ‘Book Now’, click ‘Add More Bookings’ and repeat the process.

At the moment mixing methods 1 and 2 doesn’t work – however we are looking at a way around this.


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