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Hire of the all weather cross country course for private schooling on a self-service basis is limited to 6 horses per hour, at a cost of £31 per horse per hour.

Bookings are taken in 1 hour windows. We appreciate that you may run over the hour and that you may also wish to bring multiple horses.  If you are bringing multiple horses and intend to run over the hour please do split the horses between two or more timed booking windows.

Please note dogs are not allowed on the all weather surface

Please state the number of horses per hour (referred to as participants) you wish to book using the drop down list.

If you are booking multiple horses this can be done in 2 ways – if bringing multiple horses for just the single 1hour session please select the total number of horses from the participants drop down.  If you are bringing multiple horses across multiple 1hour sessions please add horses individually and click ‘add booking’ after each horse is added, prior to payment.  This will add all bookings to your basket to enable payment in one go.

To book online visit –

For booking queries, changes or cancellations please email